Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my new blog. Here I’ll be writing about all things beauty, skincare, fashion, food and design. I have kept other blogs in the past, but they mostly turned into diaries without much focus, so I wanted to create a space to dedicate just to pretty things. 

As it’s my first post, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Mary, I’m 23 years old and currently living in Guadalajara, Mexico, although I’m originally from North West England. I’m a primary school teacher by day and blogger and writer by night (or whenever I get chance!) I practically live in coffee shops when I’m not in school and I get inspiration from everywhere – music, art, books, travelling…and of course, following blogs and youtubers online. If you’re reading, I hope I can get to know you and that you find some inspiration here.

Thanks a million for stopping by, don’t forget to hit the follow button and introduce yourself in a comment.

Lots of love!