My Favourite Things: Autumn Edition

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Is it Autumn yet? Because I am craving some sweater weather!

I know that time seems to escape us but I just can’t believe we still have almost all of August before we can start cosying up for Autumn (actually, it’s going to be much longer for me – I don’t think Autumn even exists where I live!)

So, since I probably won’t get to feel snuggly until I go back to the UK at Christmastime, I wanted to write a post about all the things I will miss about this season! Here are my favourite things about Autumn.

  1. Wearing Cosy Jumpers: Who doesn’t love cuddling up in a chunky, oversized sweater? No one, that’s who! I don’t think there’s any better, more homely feeling than getting all wrapped up when it’s cold outside.
  2. Crunching Dead Leaves: Another thing I love about Autumn is the changing colours and the leaves falling off the trees. The reds, oranges, yellows and browns are just beautiful, especially against a crisp blue sky, and the sound of crunchy leaves underfoot is so satisfying.
  3. Family Time: I know you can (and should) spend time with your family all year round, but there’s something about this season that makes it extra special to spend time indoors with loved ones. The buzzword of 2016 was hygge, a Danish concept roughly meaning just that – surrounding oneself with friends and family and enjoying cosy, quality time together. pexels-photo-239584
  4. Long, Dark Nights: Maybe I’m weird for this, but I love it when it starts getting dark earlier in the evening. I don’t like dark mornings so much, but there’s something exciting about seeing lights coming on in the streets at 4pm.
  5. Boots: Need I say more?
  6. Darker, Warmer Colours: I wear a lot of black and grey all year round, but I love it when I start seeing burgundy, navy and dark green creeping back into the shops. These are my colours! I love summer brights, too, but after a season, I’m definitely ready for my dark neutrals to come back around.
  7. It’s Nearly Christmas!: Okay, okay, I know we’re still in August and I absolutely do not want to see Christmas adverts or hear Christmas music quite yet, but this is a post about September/October, and when those months roll around, it’s definitely acceptable to start getting excited!

There are a load more things that could go into this list (ahem, Halloween) but I don’t want to ramble on forever! I can’t wait to get cracking on some Autumnal posts – it’s my favourite season (go ahead and call me basic) but not as much as I can’t wait to be home enjoying the chilly weather.

As always, thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave a comment! What is your favourite thing about Autumn?



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