Ways to Glow Up For School

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OH NO, it’s almost time to go back to school! I only recently came across the expression ‘glow up’, but I’ve always loved the idea of making a transformation before seeing people again after a while of being away.

I quite regularly get the urge to reinvent myself and to come back all shiny and new (even if I haven’t been anywhere) and I miss having times like school holidays to just take time to work on myself. I’m not only talking about changing up your look, but thinking about reaching your goals as well.

So, without further ado, here are my ideas to ‘glow up’ over the summer.

1. Get a haircut

This is my number one thing to refresh your look – even if you are growing your hair, getting a wash, trim and blow dry always feels great and helps you get the look you’re trying to achieve. Salons tend to have better products than what most of us have in our bathrooms, so you’re guaranteed to leave with soft, shiny, glowing hair. You could go for a drastic cut or colour change, or just trim the ends to get healthier hair.

Image from Tumblr

2. Make healthier choices

Most of us like to spend at least a little bit of time over the holidays just vegging out and watching TV, eating our favourite foods. That’s great and should be done – you need to chill out, right? But summer is also a great time to build healthier habits – loads of fresh fruits and vegetables are in season and with the warmer weather, it’s a shame not to get outside! Stay hydrated and enjoy the fresh air – you will feel better for it and your health will shine through the way you look.

3. Treat your skin

There’s no need to buy a ton of expensive products to give your skin some pampering. The only product I would definitely suggest investing in is a good moisturiser with SPF, which as far as I know, you can’t make yourself! Play around with natural exfoliants, such as sugar, salt, coffee grounds and oats, and nourishing oils like olive and coconut, to make facial and body scrubs. If you suffer from acne, try honey and lemon juice, which are both naturally antibacterial.

Image from Huffington Post

4. Revamp your wardrobe

This doesn’t necessarily mean buying a whole new wardrobe. It could mean buying a few new things that make you feel 🔥🔥🔥 , but it could also entail purging your wardrobe of everything you never wear, everything that doesn’t fit properly and everything that you don’t completely adore. You can also customize clothes you already have to turn them into something new and completely unique. You don’t have to deck yourself in brand names to look all shiny and new.

5. Try a new make-up style

I use Pinterest and Youtube to find new looks and learn how to do them. You might find that a contour or highlight totally changes your look and makes you feel great, or trying a bright new lipstick colour might give you a confidence boost. Even just applying your usual make-up slightly differently could show off your features even more. My big piece of advice would be to not go too overboard – find what works for your skin and your style, piling on more product might end up highlighting flaws rather than your gorgeous features.

Image from Pinterest

6. Hit the books

It sounds like a weird idea, but keeping your head in the ‘school’ game will pay off in so many ways. Since you’re here to read about ‘glowing up,’ I’ll say that the more on top of your school work you are, the less stressed you’ll be, the more time you’ll have to live an exciting life and the more beauty sleep you’ll be able to enjoy! Plus, obviously, intelligence is super sexy.

Basically, the main idea if this post is to use the time off school to think about and discover what you like and to work on it. If you like the idea of changing up your look, there are hundreds of ways to do it and you will more than likely feel amazing when you find a style you love. There are also loads of little ways to switch up your style and your lifestyle, whether that’s cutting down on junk food, doing more exercise, getting more organised (with cute notebooks and planners, of course) or finding more social or solitary activities to enjoy. All these things will make you feel refreshed and people will notice the healthier, happier, glowier you!

As always, thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comments! How are you spending your summer?





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