Back to School Must-Haves

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Good morning everyone!

By now, most of us have started back to school shopping (if we’re not already back at school!) So many people, myself included, have this weakness for stationery shopping, I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I feel like with the right stationery, I can somehow get my life in order and reach my potential? I would even go one step further and claim that with the right stationery, one can conquer the world!

I’m not a student any more so I, sadly, don’t get to do that oh-so-satisfying back to school shop, but that doesn’t mean I can’t window-shop on the Internet and imagine all the beautiful things I would buy. I want to share my picks with you, so here they are!

The first stop on my fantasy shopping spree is probably my favourite shop ever, Paperchase.

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Look how adorable this Hello Kitty file is! This would definitely make me feel super organised (and might actually help some people to become organised!) It has an A4 pad, list pad, sticky notes and a teeny envelope to keep scraps of paper in order, all encased in an extremely cute zip-lock case. Buy online here.

My next Paperchase product is from another range I am obsessed with at the moment – Bananas! (I’m also obsessed with the fruit, btw.) Every student needs a notebook or 100, right? I love the bright colour and fun design of this one – it would make studying much more enjoyable.

Images from

Add it to your basket here.

The next store I’m visiting is another one of my favourites, Stradivarius! It’s not the first place you might look for stationery but they often have some really pretty stuff. Here’s what I’m adding to my imaginary basket.

Images from

The velvet-covered planners are also designed to make life easier. Not only do they look and feel much more beautiful than your average planner, the pages inside have space for priorities and reflections. Plus the cover has this cute inspirational quotation which sums up what school should be about: Don’t stress, do your best.

Okay, so the next ‘shop’ is technically online (I don’t think there are actual stores in the UK?) Anthropologie. Here I’m picking up some stationery supplies – who doesn’t love shopping for stationery? First things first, a pencil case to store all those lovely writing supplies.

Images from

I like this pencil case because it’s a little unconventional but still extremely functional. It has two separate zip pouches and is made of durable leather in these gorgeous, glamorous colours.

And to store in the case…

Images from

…the prettiest pencils and pens I have ever seen! I am in love with florals all year round so these pencils are right up my street. I also have a weakness for anything with pink and gold colours, so these ball-point pens would also be straight in my shopping basket. So much cuter than ordinary bic biros!

Get everything here.

The last stop on my shopping spree is one where you could probably, realistically pick up every school supply you’ll ever need – WHSmith. I love this shop because it always has a huge selection of pretty stationery, books, gifts and gadgets. There’s a branch in every town and they always have great offers going on, especially around this time of year when everyone is shopping for back to school products!

I don’t want this post to drag on forever so I am just going to include one product which every student needs: a ring binder folder. When I was in Uni I actually had to forbid myself from buying any more folders because I already had about 100. Even so, I probably couldn’t resist this one!

Image from

Buy online here.

After all that shopping, the only thing left to pick up is a beautiful schoolbag to stash it all in. I fell in love with this gorgeous rucksack from Accessorize – the colour, the style, the size – everything about it is just perfect for back to school. I almost with I was a student again! Let me just reiterate my utter adoration for this burgundy colour – I want to fill my entire wardrobe with it. So autumnal and cosy.

Images from

Buy online here.

So, that’s all for today! Of course, there are hundreds more beautiful items I could include, but one of the most fun things about heading back to school is exploring the shops and choosing your own supplies that reflect your personality. Having stationery that you love inspires you to work harder, right? I hope you all get the year off to a great start.

Good luck!


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