Essentials to Stock up on in Primark

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Hello again!

So, it’s no secret that I love Primark. A lot. I would estimate about 80% of my wardrobe comes from Primark…and I’m not even embarrassed. It’s cheap, cheerful, and they have some awesome dupes of more high-end fashion and beauty! Plus, I ain’t made of money, so where else would I go?

Today I’m not talking about dupes or style steals, today I just want to write about the most basic of the basic – the little bits and bobs that I always need to have around, that I have found in Primark for cheaper than in other places. Some of these things surprised me, so maybe some readers wouldn’t have thought to check Primark before paying more $$$!

1.Hair elastics: I’m weirdly picky about hair bands, but Primark have a big selection of big packs to choose from. I tend to get a couple of packs of the size and colour that I like, adding up to several hundred hair elastics for £2-3.

2. Nail varnish remover: The little nail varnish remover pads come in a twin pack, each box has 25 pads. The twin pack is only £1! These are perfect for on-the-go or to have a stash at home.

3. Socks and tights: I wouldn’t buy socks and tights from anywhere else. I love the selection, the quality is great, and the multi-packs are so cheap. I’m especially a fan of Harry Potter themed socks.

4. Vaseline: A selection of mini tins of Vaseline is usually in the impulse buy bins by the tills. I know these aren’t expensive in most places, but I always grab a handful when I’m in the queue because they are less than £1 each.

5. Travel size toiletry bottles: Whenever I travel, I use Primark’s selection of refillable travel bottles for my shampoo, conditioner, lotions and creams. The same product is really expensive in Boots, but you can get a selection that comes in a zip-lock bag for £1 in Primark.

6. Underwear: Judge all you like, guys, but I love Primark’s multi-packs of super plain, super comfortable, super cheap knickers. I always like to have a stock of plain black and plain white pants in my draw, but I actually really like their slightly fancier (still comfortable) individual picks, too.

7. Tissues: I always like to carry little packs of tissues in my handbag, and Primark has some really cute designs for just 50p (twin packs!) On the same line, they also sell make-up remover wipes, which I have yet to try out.

8. Mini Toiletries: Things like toothpaste and mouthwash (and toothbrushes), deodorant and sunscreen are all sold in Primark for about £1 each. Along with your refillable bottles, you’re all set for your holidays!

9. Plain T-shirts and vests: This one is kind of obvious, but Primark is great for plain tees and vests in different colours and styles. I always stock up on neutral t-shirts and sometimes some more fun colours or patterns.

10. Flat shoes: Well, actually all shoes, but particularly basic ballet flats or pumps. I used to buy work shoes all the time from Primark since they only cost about £3, but I really like their selection whole of basic flats.

Of course, there are hundreds of products I could mention, but these are the basics that I love to buy in Primark. I hope this short-and-sweet post can be helpful to some of you and give you some ideas!

Do you stock up on anything in particular in Primark, or any other store? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!


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