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Hey guys!

Today I want to post something a little bit different. Recently I’ve been feeling a tad nostalgic – it has been a whopping two years since I got a piercing, and in that time I have taken out most of the ones that I had. At one point I had about 15 piercings, and I’m starting to miss some of them!

I wanted to post some tips and advice for any readers who might be considering getting a new piercing – or a first piercing, for that matter! I got my ears pierced when I was about 15 and haven’t really stopped adding to my collection until I graduated from University and had to start being professional…

Ear Piercings

At the height of my obsession I had 6 holes in each ear. It’s not a lot compared to many piercing fanatics, but it was plenty for me! I had 3 in each lobe, on my right ear: two helix piercings and a rook, and on my left ear: a snug, tragus and helix.

The piercings that remain are my lobes, tragus and rook. My absolute favourite, probably my favourite piercing ever, is the rook. It’s cute, subtle, and contrary to what lots of people have told me, I found it really easy to look after – it healed quickly and never gave me any trouble. It also wasn’t that painful!

Image from

The most problematic ear piercing I had was the snug. If you have ever thought about getting a snug piercing, I’m sure you’ve heard that they are notoriously difficult to heal and keep happy, and they almost always end up having to be removed. I had so much faith that mine would be different, but alas, after having it for over a year with no drama, I woke up one day with an enormously swollen, painful left ear and despite salt water soaks, tea tree oil and the LITHA* method, the snug was just no match for my poor, bleeding ear. RIP.

Image from

Aside from lobe piercings, helixes are probably the most popular ear piercing. I had three, but only one that lasted a long time without too many flare-ups. I took the final one out when I lost the barbell a couple of months ago, but fully intend to have it repierced at some point!

*Leave It the Hell Alone

Nose Piercings

At one point I had my nostril and my septum pierced. I took the septum out almost immediately because honestly, it just felt weird in my nose but I regret it so, so much! This is another piercing I plan on getting re-done in the near future, it didn’t hurt almost at all and septum rings are so stylish and on trend.

My nostril piercing, however, was a different story. This is probably the one piercing I wouldn’t re-do because it hurt. It hurt a hell of a lot initially and even more when I accidentally ripped it out one day…anyway, I kept my little nose stud for about 2 years before I got a teaching job and had to take it out. I kind of miss it, but not that much.

Image from

Body Piercings

I’m not very experienced with body piercings, but my oldest piercing besides my earlobes is my belly button. Some think they’re cute, some think they’re trashy…I like them in general and I like mine a lot. I get a lot of compliments on it and it somehow helped me to love my chubby tummy a bit more. This one also didn’t hurt to have done and hasn’t caused me any problems at all – I’m just careful not to catch it on my clothes.

Now, my most extreme, and all time favourite piercing, was my nape. I had a surface bar in the back of my neck for around two months and I loved it. Love love loved it. I miss it terribly. However, the placement makes it an extremely inconvenient piercing – it catches on clothes, it hurts when someone hugs you around the neck, it gets hair caught on it…and the reason I took it out, it’s impossible to get a haircut!

RIP, nape piercing 😥

Would I get another nape piercing? Absolutely, if I decided to never cut my hair again and everyone around me was extremely cautious with my body. Those were the only problems. The pain wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I expected and the healing was also surprisingly easy. And it was so pretty. Surface piercings, however, have a tendency to reject or ‘grow out’ after a while and can leave scars if they aren’t taken out voluntarily. I don’t know if this would have happened to mine if I had kept it in, but either way, I think these piercings are worth it.

So, in sum, I will definitely be getting my septum and my helix repierced. I’m also hankering for a conch piercing – my ears are just feeling a little naked right now! The only piercing I would not re-do is my nostril, although if I could have kept it in, I would have done.

I’d love to know about your favourite piercings or your piercing experiences – let me know in the comments, also feel free to ask me anything about healing and aftercare!

Thanks for reading!



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