Must Have Cosy Pyjamas

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Hello again!

It’s finally the weekend which means I’m ditching my mega ugly work uniform and spending two whole days lounging around in my ‘weekend uniform’…AKA my jammies! Since it’s pretty much permanently dark and cold outside I assume many people are doing the same…so I thought I would write a post about my favourite pyjamas and loungewear of the season, just in case anyone (like me) is still sitting around in their old, threadbare set that they’ve had since they were 12.

The first cosy pyjama set I found is from Marks & Spencer. I don’t tend to shop here a lot for some reason, but they always have some really beautiful stuff! I love the colours of this set and the cute caption, ‘Up to Snow Good.’ It’s so perfect for this time of year! I always like to wear long sleeved pyjamas when it starts to get chilly.

Buy online from M&S

The next set on my wish list is from Forever 21. Honestly, most of Forever 21’s stuff is…not that great, but they have some strong suits, pyjamas being one of them! Their captions are sometimes cringey but I spotted this set and thought it was perfect for me, since it expresses my mood about 95% of the time…The colours are also super cute and the cottony fabric is soft and comfy.

Buy online from Forever 21

Next on the list is this loungewear duo from Boohoo. I love anything starry and this is my favourite pyjama set I found with this pattern. The joggers and sweater are very simple in basic colours, but the design feels snug and wintery, perfect for cold, lazy days, snuggled up with a blanket and a book.

Buy online from Boohoo

Okay, okay, I know I just said I don’t want to wear short PJs in Autumn and Winter but…how could I not include this Harry Potter set from my favourite store, Primark? Primark always has an amazing selection of pyjamas and usually a whole range of Harry Potter sets…but this one with the Marauders’ Map print was my favourite, even though it’s shorts! I would wear this set with over-the-knee socks to keep cosy.

Image from

Finally, when browsing New Look I spotted a whole range of jammies in this design: black velvet with little tiny studs. All the items are sold separately but the range includes long and short pants and matching tops. Can you imagine how snug velvet PJs would be? Plus, they’re just so chic!

Buy online from New Look

So, there we have it! The only thing missing are some fluffy slippers…I hope you enjoyed this post and that you’re making the most of this chilly weather! What is your go-to sleepwear or weekend wear?


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