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Hey everyone!

It’s no secret that I’m pretty much broke, so I don’t actually own any high end beauty products right now. I have tried a few out over the years, but I have to say, I’ve never actually found a designer brand that has been that much better than a drug store product! So, today I want to write a post about my favourite products for beauties on a budget, or products that deserve a much higher price tag!

I drafted a post a while back about my favourite shampoo and conditioner – I thought it was so good (AMAZING, in fact) that it deserves its own post. However, I never got round to publishing it, but this post is the perfect place to rave about it. Now, I’m no stranger to hair ‘mares (frizz, dryness, greasy roots, dandruff, hair fall…you name it, it’s happening on my head) so naturally, I have tried a lot of ‘miracle’ shampoos and treatments. Finally, the real miracle arrived in my Christmas stocking last year – TiGi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner! I honestly can’t get over how much this duo has saved my hair – my hair stays soft and manageable, even in Mexico which has horrible hard water! I also find that my hair stays cleaner for longer and doesn’t shed as much. People have commented on how soft my hair is, and my roommates/family/boyfriend are always stealing it! Which is not actually a big deal, because each 750ml bottle is only £7-8!

Buy online at Feel Unique

My next beauty steal is Natural Collection brow gel. I don’t do a lot with my eyebrows – I used to just fill them in with pencil until I found this in Boots and decided to give it a try, since it was only £2.49. I’m really impressed with the colour, quality and staying power! It plumps out my brows, gives them a boost of colour and helps them stay in place. I still just use the one product, it’s so easy and makes my brows look 100 times better. I actually think Natural Collection have improved the product since I last bought it – I was surprised to see some negative reviews, mostly saying that the spoolie was too big – but looking at the new picture, it looks much smaller and more precise. I can’t wait to pick up another tube and try it out!

Buy online from Boots

Another budget beauty product I have been loving is Velvet Matte Lipstick by ELF. I bought two shades, at £4.50 each, Blushing Brown and Ruby Red. The nude-brown unfortunately doesn’t suit me at all, but I love the deep, true red. The formula is smooth and long-lasting – I actually forget I’m wearing it, but it’s still there half a day later! I would maybe have to touch up once throughout the day, but it stayed put even through eating and drinking. The only slight problem I have with this lipstick is that it’s not the easiest to apply – maybe I’m just bad at applying lipstick in general, but it takes me some time to get it precise! Maybe a lip liner would help with this?

Untitled design
Buy online from e.l.f.

My next find is not so much a beauty product, but it’s one of my favourite perfumes. I have three perfumes that I switch between – Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb, Cartier de Lune, and (the budget buy), The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus. Whilst Flowerbomb and Cartier de Lune both cost upwards of £45, Water Lotus costs just £15. It’s a perfect daytime fragrance, light, fresh and floral. I always get compliments when I wear this perfume, perhaps even more than when I wear the expensive brands! I first found this as a teeny purse spray which cost about £2. Right now I have it as a perfume oil, which is also only about 7ml so is perfect for on the go.

Buy online from The Body Shop

Finally, the holy grail concealer of beauty bloggers. How could I write about budget beauty without mentioning Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer? I came across this by accident, really (an ex-boyfriend gave it to me after buying it to cover up his tattoo) and I have never bought a different brand since. These little tubes are actual miracle workers – I rely on this concealer for everything, from breakouts to redness to dark circles…and it really works. It stays put pretty much all day (it does crease a little bit under my eyes after a while, but can you tell me a concealer that doesn’t?) the formula is great, a little goes a long way and it somehow makes my whole face look brighter. I can’t believe it’s only £4, and is quite often on offer, making it even cheaper.

Untitled design (1)
Swatch from Makeup Alley

So, there we have it! My absolute must-have products for beauties on a budget. I swear, some of these products are even better than high end and I would definitely recommend trying them out before splurging on a designer brand! What are your go-to budget beauty products? Let me know in the comments!


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