My First Spa Facial


As those of you who follow me on Twitter know, last weekend was my birthday! I actually had some fun planned for once (normally my birthday is just another day and to be honest, I don’t love being reminded that I’m getting older 😂) but I was out and about celebrating for pretty much the whole weekend. It was lovely, but naturally it meant I got absolutely nothing done!

What I want to write about today is part of my birthday celebration/gift – my boyfriend (who happens to be the most gorgeous and wonderful man to ever walk the Earth) booked me a spa day, including a facial, pedicure and massage! How lucky am I? He had clearly been listening to my hints about aching muscles and horrible skin. I hope the pedicure wasn’t a subtle hint about the state of my feet.


By far my favourite (and apparently, the most necessary) treatment was the facial. It wasn’t anything fancy (although to me, it felt like it – I’ve never actually had a facial before!) just a deep cleanse. I think I’ve mentioned before that the air here is so dirty and contaminated that my skin is in the worst condition ever, but I actually feel so much better after being scrubbed by a pro. I have to say, my skin still looks truly horrible…but my theory is that the treatment drew all the nasties out of my pores and up to the surface, and I’m hoping that after a couple more treatments, it will start clearing up!

The first step in the treatment was an exfoliation, followed by a ten minute steam to open up all my pores. The next thing the therapist did was the weirdest, and probably the most necessary…she literally squeezed all the crap out of my face. Naturally, it wasn’t comfortable, but this woman found blackheads I didn’t even know about (seriously, I thought all those dots on my nose were just my pores.) Next, she exfoliated again and applied a clay mask, and let it sit for another ten minutes. After removing the mask, the final step in the process was to apply a facial oil (of which I really need to find the brand, because it smelt divine.)

Yeah, it’s a stock photo, so sue me 🙂

Would I recommend facials? Yes, absolutely. Even if it’s just a one-off as a treat for your skin (and yourself), I think getting a facial that’s suited to your skin type is worth it. I will definitely be making professional treatments a regular addition to my skincare routine just to help keep my pores extra clean (and try and target a handful of other skin issues I’m super tired of!)

Let me know your opinions on facials and other spa treatments – do you splurge on them or enjoy at-home spa days? Thanks for reading!



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