The Fall Tag


What is fall, anyway? I mean, I know it’s Autumn but why is it called fall in the USA? I’m genuinely curious, so if you’re a linguist, let me know!

I spotted this post on Aesthetikey, her post invites all bloggers to take part (as am I, I’d love to read your answers!) and honestly, I’m running a little low on post ideas/motivation at the moment, so I thought I’d just have a bit of fun and answer these questions. Everyone knows I love Autumn and these questions get me feeling all cosy.

So, here goes! I hope you enjoy reading my answers and will have fun answering them yourselves.


What’s your favorite Fall outfit?

I love big, cosy jumpers! I don’t really have a go-to outfit, but I love snuggling up in leggings, jumpers, scarves and boots. My favourite Autumn-weather pieces are my thick, flecked cardi from Fat Face and this scarf I bought in Mexico which doubles up as a blanket.

What is Fall weather like where you live?

Right now I live in Mexico and it’s still pretty hot, but it gets cold at night. I really miss the Autumn and Winter weather in England (except the rain) – it’s very cold, crisp and frosty (on a good day.)

This, pretty much.

What’s your favorite drink to have in the Fall?

I love drinking hot tea and gingerbread flavoured lattes, as long as they’re not too sweet!

Does your family have any Fall traditions? If so, what are they?

Not really, although when I’m at home my mum and I usually attempt (and fail) at some kind of Autumnal crafts – leaf prints, scarf knitting etc. We tend to spend more time thinking about what we’re going to do and then shopping for materials than actually doing the craft, though – I suppose that’s kind of tradition?

What’s your favorite Fall scented candle?

The problem I have with most candles is that they all smell so sweet and sickly. Even in Autumn, I like fresh smells and natural things like fallen leaves and bonfire smoke. I’ve heard some great things about Bath and Body Works candles, so I’m hoping to go and have a sniff when I’m in the US next month.

What are some activities and events you enjoy going to in the Fall months?

I just like spending time outdoors, basically. I like Halloween but I’m not that crazy about dressing up and going to parties, although I might do it this year! I also tend to go to a lot of music concerts in the Autumn – the dates just tend to work out that way. This year, I’m looking forward to celebrating the Day of the Dead – I’m not sure what I’ll be doing but I’m sure it will be interesting and fun.

Tell us about one of your favorite Fall memories.

For my 21st birthday I was in Mexico City at a music festival, seeing my favourite artist of all time, so that’s a pretty great memory (even though it was freezing cold, raining and extremely muddy.)

What are some Fall movies you enjoy watching?

I know it’s more of a winter movie but I love You’ve Got Mail. I also love The Nightmare Before Christmas.

What’s your favorite Fall treat?

If we’re talking foodie treats, it’s got to be bonfire toffee – for some reason I hardly ever eat it even though it’s available all year round! My idea of a real treat, though, is taking some time out and having a duvet day, watching light-hearted movies or reading a good book and eating comfort food.

My idea of heaven. Image from

If you celebrate Halloween, what is the best costume you’ve ever worn?

I’ve never really done Halloween to a huge extent and my costumes were always very niche (I was into some unconventional stuff when I was about 14 and thought it was a good idea to dress up as things/characters no one else had ever heard of) but for work this year I’m supposed to dress up as a unicorn, so I think that will be fun!

And there we have it, The Fall Tag. I really enjoy writing this kind of post (I mean, who doesn’t love talking about themselves?) I just hope it’s not boring to read! As always, thanks for stopping by my blog, let me know if you answer the questions on your own blog!



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