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2017 Goals

Hello everyone!

Now that Halloween and the Day of the Dead have been and gone, it’s time to start talking about…you got it, Christmas! I don’t care that it’s only early November, the run up to Christmas is a really important time for bloggers and anyone else who has any kind of organisation to do for December 25th. (It’s also definitely not too soon to start watching Christmas movies/listening to Christmas music.)

However, you may be pleased to know that this isn’t actually a Christmas most (although those are coming, very, very soon.) I wanted to write a quick list of my goals to reach by the end of this year – sort of like pre-New Year’s Resolutions! I love reading this kind of post, too, so if you’ve written a to-do list or a goals list, drop the link in the comments!

1. Reach 1000 followers on Twitter: I got Twitter quite recently and I love using it way more than I thought I would! It has been such a great tool for growing my blog, but my favourite thing about it is getting involved in this whole community of bloggers that I didn’t know about. Right now I’ve got 730 followers, it seems so close to 1000 so I really want to get there!

2. Complete Blogmas: I mean, properly complete Blogmas, without missing any days and making every post my best yet! I’m already super excited to start this challenge and connect with more amazing bloggers, sharing my favourite time of year!

3. Reach 1000 views on my blog: It doesn’t seem like a lot, but again, 1000 is a big milestone for me. I feel like once I get 1000 views, my blog is really getting established and I can keep growing from there.

4. Start a blog Instagram: I actually don’t like Instagram much, but it’s another important tool for bloggers and I see a lot of Instagram follow threads on Twitter, so I guess it’s worth a shot! I’d like to start an Instagram and get at least a few followers before the end of the year. I also really need to start taking my own photos, so Instagram would be a good way to get that underway.

5. Start using a planner: I have a planner downloaded on my computer, but I need to print and bind it and actually use it! I want 2018 to be a super organised, super productive year with lots of posts getting published, so I think a planner will help me do that. Before the end of this year, I want to get lots of ideas for January jotted down!


To keep my goals attainable, I’m going to leave it there for this year! I’m aiming for really, really big things in 2018, so I’m using the rest of this year to lay the groundwork. Thank you to all my followers and readers for your continued support! Leave your links in the comments so I can follow you and keep up to date with you!



  1. Hey hunny’ loved this post.: it’s good to have a idea for th start of the new year. I done a 2018 goals maybe you can check mine out?
    Keep up the good writing it’s very good enjoyed reading it!


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