Mystery Blogger Award

Hey everyone!
I’m so, so pleased to be nominated for my first blogging award! Thanks a million to Aesthetikey the the nomination, I’m really excited to get to know some more bloggers. The Mystery Blogger Award was originally created by Okoto Enigma, check out her gorgeous blog and the original post!
Here’s how it works:
1. Put the award logo in your post, as well the rules.
2. Thank the person who nominated you; provide a link to their blog.
3. Mention the creator of the award; provide a link to their blog.
4. Tell your subscribers three things about you.
5. Re-nominate 10-20 people.
6. Notify the nominees via a blog comment.
7. Ask your nominees 5 questions and one funny question.
8. Share links to your best posts.


3 Things About Me

  1.  I love travelling and learning languages. I have a huge bucket list of places I want to visit and languages I want to learn! I’m at home in the UK at the moment, but I lived in Mexico for about 3 years.
  2.  I currently work in retail, but I want to be a teacher. I am TEFL qualified, but I hope to train to teach Spanish!
  3.  My dog is my baby. He’s a German Shepherd cross called Bowie.


Aesthetikey’s Questions

1. What kind of blogger are you and why (i.e. lifestyle, beauty, travel, ect.)?
Mostly travel and lifestyle, with some beauty thrown into the mix! I’ve had a couple of blogs over the years that have always ended up being ‘bit of everything’ blogs/diaries which isn’t really the direction I wanted to go in, so I started Hello Miss Marie with the intention of sticking a bit more to niche. I’m just writing about the things I love and enjoy, and travel, lifestyle and beauty are such huge categories I will never be running out of ideas. There are also so many amazing bloggers under this umbrella, I really wanted to be part of the community.
2. What’s your favorite song at the moment?
I can’t pick just one song! I’m crazy about Paramore’s latest album at the moment, so I suppose I can try and pick a song from that, probably Fake Happy.
I also can’t stop listening to Girls and Boys by Prince.
3. What bloggers do you look up to?
Pretty much ANY blogger who has managed to ‘make it,’ any blogger who is sticking at this just because they love it, and any blogger who supports others. I also have huge respect for teenage bloggers; I follow a ton of 16-19 year olds who are doing an amazing job and juggling so much other stuff. I wish I had been doing this when I was their age!
4. In five years, what do you hope to be doing?
My word, so much. I want to be well on my way to living an insanely glamourous life, writing for a living (maybe editing a fashion magazine or running a website), I’d love to have written a book, be living close to my friends and family and basically just have it all together.
Call me soppy but probably my biggest hope for these 5 years is to be married with a kid or two.
5. What’s a guilty pleasure you have?
I have a load of guilty pleasures…the big one, I suppose, which is more of a bad habit, is eating junk food. I always feel a little pang of guilt when I buy it, and again when I eat it…but at the same time, I really enjoy it!


My Questions and Nominated Bloggers

My questions are:

  1. What do you do besides blogging? Job/Student?
  2. What blog post are you most proud of and why?
  3. What is your biggest dream?
  4. What is your favourite book or movie?
  5. Where/When do you like to work on your blog?
  6. Bonus question: What is the most embarrassing moment you are willing to admit to?

And my nominated bloggers….

  1. Brooke Clarke
  2. Emily Clare Beauty
  3. Beauty and a Book
  4. Stuffed Shelves
  5. PAE Reviews
  6. Rebecca’s Reviews
  7. Life As Caitlin
  8. Emma’s Chapter
  9. Style the Streets
  10. Katilyn in the Middle
  11. Judanna

I hope you guys will take part! Let me know in the comments!


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