2018 Travel Bucket List


Hello everyone!

Since I have officially handed in my notice (YAY!) I will finally have some time to travel in the coming year, and it seems my passion for seeing new places has been reignited – I thought I had lost the travel bug that has been with me for the past couple of years, but apparently not!

There are still so many places I have never visited and a few that I have been to, but am dying to go back. This post is all about the places I hope to travel to in 2018.

1. Cancun

I have been rather briefly to Cancun, but I have a feeling that after spending Christmas in the UK I will be in need of some sun! Famous for its white beaches and clear blue ocean, I’ve been drooling over pictures of Cancun for quite a while. I will luckily get chance to spend a couple of days there in January, so it’s the first destination on my list! I love this whole area of Mexico – Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum…there is so much to do and it’s pretty much paradise on Earth.

Image from Villa Palmar Cancun

2. New York

Cliche, I know, but I have never actually been to New York and there’s got to be a reason everyone is so obsessed…I love big cities in general and NY is the mother of all cities, I can’t help but feel like I’ll be inspired by visiting there. There’s also so much culture there that I just need to see! I don’t have much desire in general to go to the USA but I really hope New York lives up to the hype.

Image from Pixabay

3. Helsinki

Another place I visited a couple of years ago and actually didn’t love the first time around, but I think if I went at a better time of year and was more prepared/knew what to do and see, I would love it! I don’t know why I have this idea, but I have to see if I’m right. I just got a really good vibe from the city and I’m a bit obsessed with Scandinavia in general, so I want to go back and make the most of it.

Image from Aegean Air

4. Tokyo

I’m embarrassed to say that Tokyo is another place I have been but didn’t really make the most of! Maybe the time I spent was too short, or I was too young (I was 14…) but I just feel like if I went now, I would remember it better, take more photos, get more involved in the culture, research beforehand…I’ve always loved Japan and I really want to experience and appreciate its culture.

Image from Cheap Flights Lab

5. Santorini

Seeing pictures of Santorini makes me die a little inside. Everything just looks so beautiful, the white buildings against the blue sky, the mountains, the sea…I would love to take a spa break and just relax in one of those pools overlooking the sunset over the ocean. I haven’t looked into prices but I hope I can find something idyllic and budget friendly…

Image from Thing Link

6. Banff

Right now I’m not nearly fit enough to go hiking in Banff National Park but for those views and that experience, I will get there! I never really consider myself an outdoorsy person but when I think about it, I actually love spending time in nature and being active (and I certainly won’t say no to a hot spring!) I mean, just look at this picture…who wouldn’t want to go there?

Image from CAA

Of course, there are loads of other places I want to go to this year, or whenever I can. I’ve been daydreaming for a while about spending a couple of months in Italy (and learning Italian!) and I’ve never actually lived in Spain, so perhaps that, too. There are a couple of countries in Europe that I have never been to and at some point I want to find time to visit, but the places listed above are at the top of my list!

Where is your favourite place to travel? Let me know in a comment!



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