Pinterest Nail Art Inspiration – Christmas Edition

Hey everyone!

Happy 3rd Day of Blogmas! I’ve been really enjoying reading and commenting on blogmas posts so far, so as always, if you have written any Christmassy posts, please share them with me in a comment.

Today I am sharing some ideas from Pinterest about the one make-up/beauty area I actually bother with sometimes – painting nails! As much as I would love to be a dab hand at a cut crease and razor sharp liquid eyeliner wings…I’m just not. But I can just about paint my nails without getting varnish all over my hands.

There are so many cute nail colours and designs to try out at this time of year, and Pinterest is (obviously) an incredible source if ideas. Here I’m sharing some pictures of my favourite nail art ideas, which I will definitely be trying out! They are all fairly simple and work on short nails, so everyone should be able to try their hand (no pun intended.)

Image from Fanailtics via Pinterest

How cute is this design? You will need a think brush or nail art pen to paint the Rudolf, but the colours are pretty simple and the design isn’t too fiddly.

Image from Plan Your Perfect Wedding via Pinterest

Another beautiful gold and red design, and you can’t get simpler than this. I think this design would also look great in navy with silver glitter!

Image from Misiwe via Pinterest

For a more neutral look that still has a bit of Christmas sparkle, try this design. The silver gems make the white nails a bit more special and combine perfectly with silver glitter.

Image from Stay Glam via Pinterest

This might be my favourite design on the list…but maybe not, it’s too hard to choose just one! I love the dark green colour, and although the holly design might be a bit tricky, I think one could get the hang of it (at least one one hand…)

Image from Coco’s Nails via Pinterest

For a sweet and non-glittery idea (I don’t know, glitter just isn’t for everyone I suppose!) have a look at this mint-green, candy cane design. I love this one because it’s very original and doesn’t use the typical go-to Christmas colours.

Image from Pinimg via Pinterest

This snowman design is also really simple, but clever! You could simplify the design even more without losing the snowy effect by painting all your nails like the index finger, just blue with white snowflakes. Tip: Use a hair grip to make perfectly round dots.

So, I’m going to leave it there for today since I don’t want to bore anyone with a super long list! Make sure to connect with me on Pinterest to see more nail art ideas and all kinds of other things, Christmassy and otherwise! Also, please let me know if you enjoyed this post – I will happily make it longer or make a Part 2 if so!

I hope everyone’s blogmas continues to go well – I’m already behind and it’s only Day 3, that’s lack of preparation for you! Don’t forget to leave your links below. Thanks for reading!


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