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The Ultimate Stocking Filler List

Hello again everyone!

If you’re preparing a Christmas stocking for someone special and are running low on ideas, you are in the right place. Opening little stocking fillers is one of my favourite things about Christmas as I love small, useful and/or beautiful gifts. Although some stocking fillers are a bit cliche and have a bad rep (looking at you, socks)  I think there’s a good reason that they come up year after year (I challenge you to find someone who actually has a decent supply of good quality, matching socks.)

Anyway, For my 4th day of Blogmas I want to put together a bumper list of stocking filler ideas – have a look through and see if there is anything perfect for your stocking! 

  1. Socks.
  2. Mini shower gels and body lotions
  3. Merchandise from their favourite book, TV show or band
  4. Nail polish in pretty colours
  5. A small box of delicious chocolate
  6. A makeup bag or pouch
  7. Earrings
  8. A planner for the coming year
  9. …and a pen to go with it
  10. Maybe just a whole bunch of stationery
  11. Pretty underwear
  12. Sunglasses
  13. …or an umbrella
  14. Guitar picks or drumsticks
  15. Reusable travel size bottles for toiletries
  16. Reusable coffee cup
  17. Their kind of book – novel, poetry, non-fiction etc.
  18. Cupcake cases and other baking supplies
  19. Cake decorating supplies, sprinkles etc.
  20. Mini perfumes
  21. A manicure kit
  22. Budget depending, make-up
  23. Make-up remover wipes or cotton pads
  24. Earbuds
  25. A pack of fancy teabags or special coffee
  26. …and cookies to go with it
  27. A recipe journal
  28. A mug or teacup
  29. Art and craft supplies
  30. A colouring book and pencil crayons
  31. Warm gloves
  32. A hairbrush, hair elastics and grips
  33. A scented candle
  34. Lip balm
  35. A folding canvas bag for shopping
  36. Mini bottles of their favourite spirit
  37. Face mask sachets
  38. Coasters
  39. Fidget spinner or fidget cube
  40. Beard oil or razors
  41. Hair gel/wax/oil etc.
  42. Pizza cutter
  43. Spice mixes
  44. Hand cream
  45. Mini sewing kit
  46. Mini first aid kit
  47. Flip flops
  48. Slippers
  49. Sports accessories, swimming goggles, gym towel etc.
  50. Christmas decoration or ornament
  51. Hand cream
  52. Enamel pins
  54. Wallet or purse
  55. Luggage tags or a passport case
  56. USB memory stick
  57. USB charger
  58. Power bank
  59. A fancy bar of soap
  60. Hand warmers or a hot water bottle
  61. Tights or leggings
  62. A bath bomb, bath salts or bubble bath
  63. A cooling eye mask
  64. A travel journal
  65. A reusable water bottle
  66. An electric toothbrush
  67. Pet supplies
  68. A room decoration, fairly lights etc.
  69. A hip flask
  70. A multi-took keyring
  71. A disposable camera
  72. A pocket dictionary of a language they want to learn
  73. …or a guidebook for a city they want to visit
  74. A poster or print of an art piece they love
  75. Budget depending, a gift card or event tickets
  76. A phone/iPad/Kindle case
  77. Pyjamas or lounge pants
  78. A book of recipes of their favourite cuisine
  79. A necklace or bracelet
  80. Car accessories
  81. Bottle opener
  82. Jewellery box or ring holder
  83. A novelty gift or game
  84. …like Cards Against Humanity
  85. A body brush or massager

A few Christmas Stocking Classics…

  1. Chocolate coins
  2. Clementines
  3. Nuts in shells
  4. Candy canes
  5. A wooden toy, like a spinning top or puzzle

And now onto the things that money can’t buy…

  1. A handmade card
  2. …including a letter detailing why this person is special to you
  3. Homemade cookies, crackers or other baked goods
  4. An invitation for an occasion to hang out together, afternoon tea, date night etc.
  5. Friendship bracelets
  6. A hand-crafted gift, knitted scarf, painting etc.
  7. IOU tokens, offering to do chores, cook dinner, give a massage etc.
  8. A scrapbook or frame filled with pictures and mementos
  9. …or a ‘Remember When?’ box or jar
  10. A mixtape or playlist
Image from Pexels

Have fun filling your stockings!


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