The Hardest Things About Blogging

Hello everyone,

Let me get serious for a moment. This blogging lark is hard. work. I’m seriously enjoying every second of it; this is what I love doing and where I see my career going, but today I want to post about some of the things I’m struggling with as a fairly new blogger.

Firstly, it’s honestly hard wanting to do this all the time. I’m trying to balance maintaining my blog with pitching other websites and looking for paid writing jobs, but having this ongoing project means I quickly get demotivated to look for actual paid work. If I don’t find anything within ten minutes of looking, I tend to think, ‘oh well, back to the blog!’ This is very closely related to another major difficulty: not making any money. I know it’s possible to make a lot of dolla from blogging, but it doesn’t happen overnight. I still have a lot of work to do before I can make a substantial income, and learning how to do that takes up a lot of time in itself.

The second thing that I didn’t expect to be so much work is maintaining social media. As well as writing my blog, I’m also fairly active on Twitter, but I find that if I’m busy with other things (life, in other words) and I don’t update my timeline, I very quickly lose followers. Mostly, I love using Twitter, as I have said many times! The community of bloggers is so supportive and I truly love keeping up to date with other bloggers’ work, but I’m very scared of turning into a zombie with my phone glued to my hand 24/7. I’m also kind of terrified to tread the murky waters of Instagram – I do have a profile but I don’t think I have a single photo posted. From what I hear, all it causes is stress and demotivation, so I’m still not sure if it’s worth putting in a lot of effort…I think I will give it a try in the near future, now that I’m totally freelance and have the time, but I will have to make sure to stay grounded and not take it personally if it doesn’t take off. And don’t even get me started on Facebook. 


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A big, big issue that I have with my blog, is the fact that I very rarely take my own photos. I always credit the photos that I use, but I just feel like I can’t really be proud of my articles unless they are 100% mine. Photography is a skill I really need to work on; perhaps I will try and take a course or something, because the main reason I don’t use my own photos is because they all just turn out a bit shit, basically. I would also like to have photos of myself on my blog, but I’m too embarrassed to ask anyone to take posed, fake-candid pictures of me! I see other bloggers and influencers doing it, and I honestly think they all look so stunning, but the thought of asking anyone to do it for me makes me cringe. This is why I need a blogging bestie!

Finally, and another big worry I constantly have, is balancing quality with quantity. Pretty much the entire reason I am yet to share my blog with my family and friends is that I’m 100% unconvinced of the quality of my writing. I feel like I should be really researching and writing about important topics. There’s this little voice in my head saying, ‘really? Who cares what you thought of *insert miscellaneous beauty product here*? Does the world really need another lifestyle blogger?’ It’s quite hard for me to see that since I enjoy reading beauty and lifestyle blogs and I care about bloggers’ opinions, lots of other people probably do, too.

So, for now, I guess I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing (plus making more effort to take photos and promote myself as a writer) even though I kind of feel like this cat banging on a keyboard.


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