The Hardest Things About Blogging

Hello everyone,

Let me get serious for a moment. This blogging lark is hard. work. I’m seriously enjoying every second of it; this is what I love doing and where I see my career going, but today I want to post about some of the things I’m struggling with as a fairly new blogger.

Firstly, it’s honestly hard wanting to do this all the time. I’m trying to balance maintaining my blog with pitching other websites and looking for paid writing jobs, but having this ongoing project means I quickly get demotivated to look for actual paid work. If I don’t find anything within ten minutes of looking, I tend to think, ‘oh well, back to the blog!’ This is very closely related to another major difficulty: not making any money. I know it’s possible to make a lot of dolla from blogging, but it doesn’t happen overnight. I still have a lot of work to do before I can make a substantial income, and learning how to do that takes up a lot of time in itself.

The second thing that I didn’t expect to be so much work is maintaining social media. As well as writing my blog, I’m also fairly active on Twitter, but I find that if I’m busy with other things (life, in other words) and I don’t update my timeline, I very quickly lose followers. Mostly, I love using Twitter, as I have said many times! The community of bloggers is so supportive and I truly love keeping up to date with other bloggers’ work, but I’m very scared of turning into a zombie with my phone glued to my hand 24/7. I’m also kind of terrified to tread the murky waters of Instagram – I do have a profile but I don’t think I have a single photo posted. From what I hear, all it causes is stress and demotivation, so I’m still not sure if it’s worth putting in a lot of effort…I think I will give it a try in the near future, now that I’m totally freelance and have the time, but I will have to make sure to stay grounded and not take it personally if it doesn’t take off. And don’t even get me started on Facebook. 


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A big, big issue that I have with my blog, is the fact that I very rarely take my own photos. I always credit the photos that I use, but I just feel like I can’t really be proud of my articles unless they are 100% mine. Photography is a skill I really need to work on; perhaps I will try and take a course or something, because the main reason I don’t use my own photos is because they all just turn out a bit shit, basically. I would also like to have photos of myself on my blog, but I’m too embarrassed to ask anyone to take posed, fake-candid pictures of me! I see other bloggers and influencers doing it, and I honestly think they all look so stunning, but the thought of asking anyone to do it for me makes me cringe. This is why I need a blogging bestie!

Finally, and another big worry I constantly have, is balancing quality with quantity. Pretty much the entire reason I am yet to share my blog with my family and friends is that I’m 100% unconvinced of the quality of my writing. I feel like I should be really researching and writing about important topics. There’s this little voice in my head saying, ‘really? Who cares what you thought of *insert miscellaneous beauty product here*? Does the world really need another lifestyle blogger?’ It’s quite hard for me to see that since I enjoy reading beauty and lifestyle blogs and I care about bloggers’ opinions, lots of other people probably do, too.

So, for now, I guess I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing (plus making more effort to take photos and promote myself as a writer) even though I kind of feel like this cat banging on a keyboard.


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20 thoughts on “The Hardest Things About Blogging

  1. I can relate to this 100%, especially the quality vs quantity part. I’ve had such a difficult time finding the little time I have to write on my blog. I don’t want to write poor post that I’m not proud of but yet I still want to put out more and more post. I hope you find a way around all these struggles and continue as an amazing writer!!! ❤

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  2. For me, maintaining my social media (more specifically my Instagram) has become ever so tiresome and boring. I’ve decided to stop caring too much about my Insta and focus more on my Twitter (where I get most of my traffic from). I’ll work more on Insta soon, but at the moment, it is truly the hardest thing about blogging.

    Beautiful written post 🙂

    El @ Exclusory 💕

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    1. Hi El, thanks for commenting 🙂
      I feel you, Twitter is great for me too but all I hear about Instagram is negative, so I’m not sure if I will ever really try and get into it. Of course, the most important thing is the writing on our blogs 🙂
      All the best! 💕


  3. Oh yes, yes I agree with all of this!! Lady Bluebottle is just getting up and running and it takes A LOT of work and time. I haven’t even thought about using original pictures yet. We’re relying on stock photography for now. There are so many great options out there from skilled photographers I’m not even going to think twice about photos!

    I’ve found that networking and promoting on social media is so important but if I’m too focused on social media then developing good blog content suffers, and the other way around. So, I’m working to find the right balance too. Great post Mary Kate! You are not alone! Blogging is hard but can be so rewarding.

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    1. Thank you so much for saying this! It’s so good to know that other new bloggers are working on the same things. Photography is so important for a blog so I really hope I can get to grips with it, but for the moment, stock photos are a great substitute!

      It’s really hard to juggle social media and actually producing content, but getting the balance right is so worth it. I agree that the work is so rewarding. I honestly love what I do so much.

      All the best for you and your blog! 💕


  4. I’m so glad you said this, I take all of my own photos which is partially why there isn’t a single photo of me. Becaue I have no one to take them for me. SOCIAL MEDIA I did not know I would spend most of my life on Twitter, why did no one tell me this. Why why why. Also Instagram is the scariest thing on the planet. Had my blog intsta 4 months, have posted a grand total of 13 photos because the perfection required is too much for me. It’s a lot harder than people think it is.


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    1. Thanks for your comment Sophie, congratulations on taking your own photos! I honestly admire all those bloggers who manage to do it, it makes such a difference to your blog. I agree about social media; it’s so hard to find a balance between staying online and living life! And ugh, the whole Instagram scene puts me right off – it’s made out to be so important for bloggers and influencers, but impossible to grow.
      All the best for you and your blog 💕


  5. I relate 100% to thise post I adore blogging as it’s my passion in writing and talking and getting to know others but in real life so many people I know look down on it. I’m a fairly new blogger and I’m still trying to get the hang of social media and ensuring I update frequently and everything. It’s a lot of hard work.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, you’re so right. Getting off the ground is hard work, and social media/self promotion in particular takes so much time and a lot of confidence. It also seems that people who don’t blog themselves just don’t really ‘get it,’ so it’s hard to open up to family and friends…we have to keep at it though, following your passion is so worth it. I love blogging and the community so much.
      All the best for you and your blog 💕

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  6. This is such a relatable post! 💖 I didn’t realise how much hard work & commitment it takes to run a blog! I’ve recently joined Instagram and finding it okay so long as you don’t compare yourself to others. That is really demotivating. To take photos, I enhance my images in apps like colour story and canva and it makes loads of difference. Thank you for sharing – it’s tough at times so us bloggers have gotta stick together 💕 xx

    Bexa |

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Bexa! You’re definitely right about not comparing yourself to others, especially on a platform like Instagram, which seems so difficult to get right! I seriously need to get it together and start taking and editing photos – thanks for the tips on editing!
      All the best 💕

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  7. I never realized how much work goes into maintaining blogs along with social media. It sounds silly to those who don’t do it on a regular basis, but it’s a lot harder than it sounds. The strive for fresh content is a real fear and like you said here, you are also plugged in among other places that take your time and attention. The struggle is real. I always lay out a general plan for what I want to post where and when. I never trust myself to remember it all because I will forget it if I do. Keep at it and it will become more routine. One thing I learned was that I preferred quality over quantity. I would much rather have two good posts a week over five cruddy ones just for the sake of posting something. Find some balance that’s good for you.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. You’re right, until you try and write, promote and grow a blog yourself, you can never anticipate how much work it requires! Planning like you do is also so important for keeping posts regular and making sure you cover the material you want to, and ensuring all your posts are of the best quality.
      All the best 💕

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  8. Eurgh I totally get you, especially on the photography part! I’m seriously trying to up my game and I have over the past year asked my other half to take photos of my outfits rather than just taking them in the mirror… But I’d love to be the one taking the photos more!

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  9. I have also been using pictures from photo sites. I take pictures from my phone but it’s not thaaat good. Am hoping that I will have a camera by the end of the year so I can take my own pictures


  10. I loved this post, it can be so hard sometimes to get noticed in the blogging world which can be frustrating as you don’t feel good enough. However, connecting with other bloggers, creating content you enjoy, posting regularly etc. all really help X


  11. Mary Kate I am a new blogger too. But i am enjoying it. Its a lot of hard work. But when u enjoy your writting, you don’t mind that extra hour. Ofcourse to create original content is of so much Importance. To earn from the blogs is in thing but it definitely takes atleast a year to reach at that level. Blog is about writting and pictures compliment the I am actually not bothered about it for now. Also I have a habit of changing my pictures and editing my blog after it is published ☺️Because sometimes I am just not satisfied with the final published blog. And in any case, I am in a process of learning with trials and errors. Like you mentioned, I would have been happy to get some blogger besties to enjoy the blogging journey. Keep it up wonderful bloggers.


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