Spring Skincare Wishlist

Good morning!

January is finally over! Does anyone else think that that month seemed to last forever? I know that February isn’t usually much more pleasant, but let’s look on the bright side – Spring is on the way!

Here in Mexico, it’s still chillier than I would like but the sun is shining (usually) and it actually feels like Spring is around the corner. I’m hoping, really really hoping, that a miracle will happen and my skin will get it’s act together to celebrate the new season. I never expected to be plagued with so many skin issues at the age of 24, especially since I’ve always been pretty lucky with my complexion, even as a teenager. But, since about a year ago, my skin has gone drastically downhill and although it’s not really important in the grand scheme of things, it actually gets me really down and affects my self-esteem in a way that has surprised me.

Anyway, I didn’t think I would be writing a skincare wishlist any time soon, as I came to the conclusion that the best thing for me is probably just to lay off the products a bit. So, this is not your typical skincare wishlist. At the end of last year, I realised I had gotten into the habit of thinking that the more I cleansed, toned, moisturised, masked and generally drowned my face in creams, the better chance I stood of getting that flawless, glowing complexion I was dreaming of. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me sooner that all these products weren’t working in the slightest, so I may as well stop buying them; I’d save a fair bit of money and give my skin a (probably much needed) breather.

So, I have stripped my skincare routine right back to just 3 or 4 products, and as predicted, my skin hasn’t got worse. All I use is Lush Ultrabland to remove my make-up and cleanse, Lush Let the Good Times Roll to exfoliate a few times a week, Una Brennan Super Facialist Rehydrating Rose Night Cream, and Del Indio Papago Tepezcohuite Cream as my day moisturiser. I’m not planning to add any more products to my regime, but there are a couple of skincare extras that I would like to try out.

A cleansing brush: I read a list of skincare tips from women with famously clear skin, and at least half of them mentioned using a powered cleansing brush. I’ve seen these advertised but never thought much of them, but having seen some cheap models on Amazon with great reviews, I’m dying to try one and see if it can help me get a deeper clean and microdermabrasion-level exfoliation.


Image from New Chic


An aloe plant: Since I’m trying to avoid unnatural ingredients as much as possible, I’d like to get my hands on an aloe plant and be able to use it fresh as a soothing moisturiser.

Silk pillowcases: I’ve also heard great things about silk pillowcases for preventing wrinkles and breakouts (as well as hair breakage and frizz!) as they are apparently gentler on skin and help it stay hydrated. I want to buy some new bedsheets anyway, so I might treat myself and see if it helps.

A yoga class: I don’t feel stressed, but since I’m at a pretty unstable point in terms of employment and the future, I probably secretly am. I hear stress and anxiety can lead to dull, blemished skin, so it’s probably worth trying a classic method like yoga to make sure my mind gets some peace sometimes. It also definitely wouldn’t hurt me or my face to do a bit of exercise.

A healthy diet: the desire for clear skin might have finally convinced me to change my horribly unhealthy ways. I know full well that I can’t expect to look healthy and glowy on the outside if inside, I’m 90% made up of chicken nuggets and pizza. It might be time to start actually helping my body out a bit by eating some fruit once in a while.


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I’m not sure if these things will actually work, or if I’m just going through a ‘bad skin’ phase. Either way, it certainly won’t do me any harm to make some lifestyle changes that will benefit my health even if they don’t fix my skin, and once again, cleansing brushes and aloe vera aren’t going to make me look any worse, so they’re worth a try.

Do you have any skincare secrets that you can clue me in on? Leave a comment (please!)

Thanks for reading!