50 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Hello everyone!

As you might know, I originally started this blog intending to stick to beauty-related posts. Well, that didn’t really happen and I don’t mind, in fact, I’ve enjoyed writing different kinds of posts and reaching different audiences. However, I really enjoy reading beauty blogs that actually stick to their niche and for the last couple of days, I’ve been wanting to write some shorter posts about beauty and maybe reviewing some products. I don’t think you can go wrong with these posts, since they’re easy to write and to read, and might be useful to someone who is considering trying out a certain product. I know I always read a ton of reviews before trying something new!

Anyway, to get my mind into the beauty zone, I jotted down a couple of ideas for beauty blog posts and browsed Pinterest for some more. I came across loads of lists with great ideas, so I wanted to compile my own using some of the ‘classic’ beauty blog posts (product reviews, ideas, wish lists etc.) and some investigations/longer-read posts that I thought would stand out a bit. I hope this list is useful for anyone who is short of ideas!

  1. Product reviews
  2. Wish lists
  3. How to create different looks
  4. Comparisons between similar products
  5. Day-to-night make-up
  6. Nail art ideas
  7. Seasonal make-up looks
  8. Colour-based make-up looks
  9. Skincare routine
  10. Must-have skincare products
  11. Home-made face masks/exfoliators
  12. Cruelty-free beauty products
  13. Body positive beauty
  14. Favourites lists
  15. Budget beauty products
  16. Food for healthy skin/hair etc.
  17. Hairstyle tutorials
  18. Natural skincare ingredients
  19. Beauty industry jobs
  20. Weird/funny beauty trends
  21. Favourite beauty Instagram accounts
  22. Diverse beauty brands
  23. How to choose a…foundation/perfume/haircut etc.
  24. What beauty means to you
  25. Make-up and confidence
  26. Favourite fragrances for occasions/seasons etc.
  27. How fragrance affects your mood
  28. New beauty brands
  29. Favourite beauty blogs
  30. Apps for beauty bloggers
  31. Dupes for designer beauty products
  32. Travel-friendly beauty products
  33. A week without make-up
  34. Overcoming beauty hang-ups
  35. Review a treatment (facial, eyebrow tinting etc.)
  36. Gift ideas
  37. Surprising ingredients in beauty products
  38. Collaboration with another blogger
  39. Retro beauty trends
  40. X uses for (beauty product)
  41. Top 5…face masks/moisturisers etc.
  42. Storage ideas for beauty products
  43. Keeping cosmetics hygienic, brush cleaning etc.
  44. Celebrity make-up looks
  45. How to…grow nails/hair, get clear skin etc.
  46. Tips for natural beauty
  47.  Makeup colours for different skin tones
  48. Beauty Q&A
  49. How to get rid of (beauty problem)
  50. What you need for an at-home spa day


I hope you find some inspiration in this post! Don’t forget to leave a link to your latest beauty post in a comment below so I can have a read!


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