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7 Reasons to Visit Sayulita

Hello! If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll already know that I recently went on my hols to my favourite place in the entire world. Sayulita is a tiny beach town in Nayarit, one state above Jalisco, which is where I live in Guadalajara. This year was my third visit to Sayulita and every time, the

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The Definitive Ranking of Easter Chocolate

Hello everyone! One of the things I miss about the UK around this time of year is the huge selection of Easter chocolate (which usually starts appearing in the shops several months before anyone is even thinking about Easter.) Despite Mexico being extremely Catholic and taking Easter very seriously, there seems to be surprisingly little

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Favourite Christmas Things

Hello everyone! Happy 1st day of blogmas! I’ve got to admit, I am not at all prepared for this challenge. I’ve got a whole list of ideas and a couple of drafts written but by this time, I wanted to have a stack of posts all ready to go…but I’m the master of leaving things

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