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“30 Before 30” Bucket List

Hello everyone! Does anyone else feel like we live in an age where everyone is supposed to be ‘successful’ by the time they are 25? And if you haven’t ‘made it’ and got all your ducks in a row before that quarter-of-a-century mark, you’ve automatically failed at everything and it’s now too late to make

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My First Spa Facial

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. My blog is really irregular at the moment just because I have a full time job (teaching, by the way, which is beyond exhausting) and some other life stuff going on, so it’s been hard to find time/motivation to write. Another reason is, as those

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October Reading List

Hello again everyone! I accidentally skipped blogtober day 3 and 4…my ‘real life’ job is so exhausting I just haven’t had time to write! I’ve finally got a little time now and all I can think about is chilling out, and my favourite way to do that is to curl up with a cuppa and

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